Stylist, Fashion & Beauty Promoter & Events Producer

Lorraine Kljajic is a powerhouse in the fashion and beauty industry, with a wealth of experience as a promoter, events producer, and stylist. As the founder of Miss Culture Global, she has made a significant impact in promoting culture, fashion, and beauty across the globe. Her work producing the Miss Culture Malawi pageant has been particularly notable, showcasing the beauty and diversity of Malawian culture.

In addition to her work with Miss Culture Global, Lorraine has also been instrumental in the success of the Africa Fashion & Arts Festival. This annual event has become a major showcase for African designers and artists, attracting top talent from around the continent. With over 200 designers showcased at the festival, Lorraine has played a key role in bringing African fashion and art to a global audience.

As a stylist, Lorraine's expertise is in demand by top designers and brands. Her ability to create unique, eye-catching looks has helped to elevate many fashion campaigns and events. Her work is always in line with the latest trends and styles, while also incorporating her own unique vision and creativity.

Overall, Lorraine Kljajic is a true force in the fashion and beauty industry, with a passion for promoting culture and diversity. Her work as a promoter, producer, and stylist has made a significant impact, and she continues to be a driving force behind some of the industry's most exciting events and campaigns.

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